Monday, August 25, 2014

Sight Word of the Day Winners and Dismissal Freebie

Since I am starting at a new school with a different format for dismissal, I wanted to be organized and ready on day one!

I made a quick checklist for names and how each student is getting home. I included clipart, since I am always rushing around! This visual will make it easier to see exactly who is going where and how!

This will keep things a lot more organized when I have substitutes as well. I uploaded this free file to my google drive.

If you would like a copy you can click the pic above or the link here:

Congratulations to Cherie, winner of the Sight Word of the Day Pre-Primer set and Doreen winner of the Sight Word of the Day Primer set! I emailed both of you ladies this morning!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sight Word of the Day Sets (Pre-Primer & Primer) - Daily Vocabulary Builders

I blame Pee Wee Herman and his Secret Word of the day, I really do!


Whatever the reason, I am addicted to vocabulary and words of the day!

Since I am headed back to Kindergarten I wanted to incorporate HFW's into my favorite (and my students favorite) daily routine - so I merged my Word of the Day concept with both the Pre-Primer and Primer sight words to create...The Sight Word of the Day!

Each set contains posters that feature a sight word, a context sentence and clipart picture cues to help your students decode the sentence.

Click the pictures for additional information!

The Pre-Primer Set features 40 Posters:
Display Signs and tally chart - this helps you to keep of how many times you and your class come across that word each day.

Sight Word Challenge Mini-book - This allows your students to keep a record of all the words they find on their own.

Check list: This will help you manage which of the words you have used throughout the year.
 Here are a few examples of the Pre-Primer posters:
 The Primer Sight Word Pack features 52 posters:
Here are a few examples of the Primer posters:

I cannot wait to start using these with my kiddos this year!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Easy to Read Classroom Decor

Since I am headed back to Kindergarten (Yay!) I have been spending my summer days prepping my classroom decor!  

I wanted to create posters with text that is clear and easy to read, with simple, colorful graphics.

All of the clipart is coordinating, the fonts and images all use jewel tone colors that are consistent across all the sets.

Here's a peek at my new collection - click the pictures for more information!

I also bundled all these sets together into one set, for a great savings!

I have had a student from another school helping me set up the other day, and she told me how much she loved them! I will take that as the ultimate compliment! ;)
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