Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Crayon Word Wall for my Firsties!

My first grade Intervention group is working on increasing their Sight Word vocabulary - so I wanted to create a word wall that would catch their eyes!

I used Erin Bradley's crayon clipart and a digital paper by Maree Truelove's for the background on the letter cards. 

As for the picture of my Word Wall - please disregard the crazy spacing, it was a tight squeeze! I would have preferred to hang it on the wall, but there is not an open one nearby the area we meet in - so I will have to settle for this!

I included the Pre-Primer and the Primer Dolch words in this set. 

I used pink for the background on all the consonants and green for the background on the vowels to help my students with isolating the vowels visually on the wall.
My students were very excited about the wall when they came in today, a few of them even used it already! (A definite perk after the difficulty I had in getting it to fit!!) I am glad that they are finding it useful! I only displayed the Pre-Primer set for now, but I may use my other small room-dividing board and put up both sets in the next few weeks. 

This set is available in both my Tpt shop!
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  2. These are adorable...I love the bright colors! =)

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